BOPP - building the Belgian Online Probability Panel

Project Details


The Belgian Online Probability Panel (BOPP) is an advanced
data infrastructure co-owned by all Belgian universities and
intended to boost and integrate interdisciplinary research in
behavioral and social sciences. The panel consists of 4,000
Belgian citizens (16y+), randomly selected from the
National Register. Respondents regularly receive short
online surveys. Respondents without internet access can fill
out a postal questionnaire. BOPP fields a yearly core
questionnaire to collect basic information (e.g., economic
situation, household composition, work, social and political
attitudes, health) on all panelists. For the remaining
questionnaire, researchers from all fields can apply to field
their surveys. After anonymization, public use files of the
integrated data are made available to the whole research
community. BOPP facilitates the linkage of these survey
responses to administrative data.
BOPP offers access to high-quality, representative data,
collected fast and cost-effectively. The infrastructure
generates new opportunities for longitudinal analyses,
interdisciplinary research, experimental research designs
and linking collected data to administrative and context
Short title or EU acronymBOPP
Effective start/end date1/05/2230/04/26


  • probability-based sampling
  • administrative data
  • longitudinal data collection
  • experimental design

Flemish discipline codes

  • Biostatistics
  • Data collection and data estimation methodology, computer programs
  • Research methods and experimental design
  • Sociological methodology and research methods
  • Statistics and data analysis