Boron compounds for radio diagnostics and radiotherapy (nr INTAS 99-0096) (M. GIELEN)

Project Details


This proposal deals with the synthesis of boron compounds suitable as carriers of radionuclides for use in radiodiagnostics and radiotherapy.

The main project objectives are:
1. synthesis of various functionalized derivatives of polyhedral boranes that can be used as linkers of radiohalogen labeling of macromolecules for radiodiagnostics and radiotherapy;
2. synthesis of stable metallacarborane complexes of different types that can be used as potential carriers of radioactive metal isotopes for radiodiagnostics purposes;
3. development of methods for radiohalogenation of the functionalized borane derivatives and preparation of radioconjugates with monoclonal antibodies, proteins, and shorter peptides for use in nuclear medicine.

The contribution of the VUB-copromotor of the project in this INTAS-network, M. Gielen, consists of the synthesis and charactezation of carborane containing organotin derivatives, which potentially display antitumor activity and are further intended for other possible applications to be explored bij the other network partners.

The INTAS-network partners are S. Sjöberg (coordinator, Uppsala University, Sweden), F. Teixidor (Materials Science Institute Barcelona, Spain), M. Gielen, HNMR, VUB, V. Bregadze (A. N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelements Compounds, Moscow, Russia), I. Beletskaya (Moscow University, Russia), A. Bruskin (State Science Centre of Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia) and N. Maier, Belarus National Academy of Sciences (Belarus).
Effective start/end date1/05/0031/12/03


  • carboranes
  • boron chemistry
  • radiodiagnostics
  • anti-tumor activity
  • organotin chemistry
  • radiotherapy
  • boranes

Flemish discipline codes

  • Physical sciences
  • Basic sciences
  • Chemical sciences