BruChrom: Breaking Boundaries in Chromatography

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Liquid chromatography is a critical technology for pharmaceutical and environmental analysis, quality control in the food and chemical industry, and is central to many discoveries in proteomics and metabolomics. Despite its extensive application, there are still many areas where the possibilities of the current state-of-the-art in liquid chromatography is totally inadequate.

VUB’s research in liquid chromatography is reputed for its innovative devices and research methods as well as for its deep theoretical know-how. To maintain and extend VUB’s position at the inter- national forefront of the research in this area, the BruChrom program will be centred around the generic question “How fast and smart can chromatography ultimately be made?”. To answer this question, BruChrom will be organized along 5 parallel research tracks, each with one or more groundbreaking goals, ranging from the realization of ultra-fast chromatographic separations at the 20 nanometer-scale to the implementation of reinforcement learning to open the road towards a “self-driving” chromatography instrument.

The Methusalem funding will be mainly used as “risk capital” to develop and explore a series of new ideas pertaining to these 5 tracks, using the Methusalem funding as seeding money and pur- suing a multiplier effect by acquiring external grants. Simultaneously, the grant will be used to pro- vide the necessary backbone funding to let promising post-docs prepare external grant applications. To further maximize our visibility and strengthen our capacity for consortium building, the momentum built up by BruChrom will also be used to create the Brussels Chromatography Centre (BCC), acting as a front cover organization bundling all chromatography-related expertise of the team (including that of our strategic alliance partners to pursue an unprecedented critical mass) to offer this know-how through a single portal with a maximized visibility to other academics and industrial partners.
Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/27


  • chromatography
  • analytical chemistry
  • separation science
  • microfluidics

Flemish discipline codes

  • Analytical separation and detection techniques
  • Separation technologies