Campus Plaine: improving the heat network.

Project Details


The VUB and ULB share a campus in the heart of Brussels commonly referred to as "Het Plein". That site has existed since the 1970s. Since 2004, the heating installation of the VUB has been heating the buildings of the ULB through an urban heat network. The project: "Plein Campus - Improvement of the heat network" involves the following: - Finishing the renovation of the central heating installation- Renovating the 8 ULB substations connected to the heat network- Renovate the 9 VUB substations connected to the heat network This community heating system offers an overall efficiency that can be greatly improved. 
Short title or EU acronymHet Plein
Effective start/end date16/12/2131/12/23

Flemish discipline codes

  • Energy generation, conversion and storage engineering not elsewehere classified


  • heat network