Capillary electrochromatographic application development on newly developed stationary phases

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    CEC is an analytical, miniaturized separation technqiue that was developed in the early 70s. However, CEC is currently characterized by some experimental drawbacks, making the technique not yet acknowledged as a fully matured separation technique. This project has the goal to perform research for improvement in column technology by the development and testing of new stationary phases in order to obtain less fragile and more efficient columns, which will automatically increase the interest from industry if the technique can be made performant enough.The stationary phases that wil be studied are monolithic stationary phases, which can be subdivided into polymer- and silica-based ones, and "sub-micronsized" particle-based stationary phases.
    For the considered types of stationary phases, their potential for pharmaceutical applications will be investigated, and more specifically in two domains: non-chiral applications in drug analysis and chiral applications.
    Effective start/end date1/01/0831/12/08


    • chemistry

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