Carrying out three methodologies to develop: a rent reference grid, a survey of private rental housing and a profile of landlords in Brussels Capital Region

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The present proposal is structured around 4 main axes.
- Axis 1: Unless there are major counter-indications resulting from an exploratory phase, the modelling will be in line with the choices of the choices made for the modelling underlying the current grid.
- Axis 2 :The proposed modifications will seek as a priority to make improvements for targeted difficulties that emerge from an analysis of the last modelling used for the grid.
- Axis 3: The possibility will nevertheless be examined of introducing aspects relating to the socio-economic characteristics of tenants into the modelling.
- Axis 4 :The question of data sources will be examined by favouring, if necessary, options allowing a flexible reorientation towards sources other than surveys for a part of the basic variables.
Effective start/end date1/05/2231/01/23


  • Methology
  • Landlord
  • Brussels Capital Region

Flemish discipline codes

  • Local and urban politics