Catalytic properties of grafted organotin compounds. Integrated charachterization of the interface and liquid state chemistry using hr-MAS (high resolution Magic Angle Spinning) NMR and other advanced NMR techniques.

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This project aims at:
1) Investigating the influence of the local polarity of polystyrene grafted dialkyltin catalysis, in order to increase their potential as catalyst in transesterification reactions.
2) Developing new hr-MAS NMR based methodologies, enabling monitoring of catalytic processes, directly in situ at the interface, before, during and after catalysis.
3) Investigating the recycling ability of the grafted organotin catalysts in selected transesterifications.
4) Gaining insight into the isuue of tin leaching, from the organotin graft into the reaction medium.
Effective start/end date1/01/0631/12/09


  • HNMR

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