CATCH: Community Sport for AT-risk youth: innovative strategies for promoting personal development, health and social CoHesion

  • Theeboom, Marc (Administrative Promotor)
  • Haudenhuyse, Reinhard (Administrative Promotor)
  • Vertonghen, Jikkemien (Administrative Promotor)
  • Schaillée, Hebe (PI (Promotor, Principal Investigator))
  • Nols, Zeno (Collaborator)

Project Details


CATCH will provide crucial new insights that can improve programs and policies aiming to combat social exclusion, with specific attention to personal development, health and social cohesion.

CATCH aspires to contribute to setting a common target framework and strategic vision in relation to community sport and social inclusion in Flanders, and co-create evidence-based practices.

CATCH aims to develop knowledge and integrate newly developed knowledge in a variety of community sport contexts by using existing dissemination platforms of relevant umbrella organizations in Flanders, the Community Sport Labs and the Community Sport Expertise Centre.
Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/19


  • community sports
  • at-risk youth

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Sports sciences


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