Cerebellar neurocognition: a neuropsychological and neurolinguistic investigation of cagnitive dysfunctions after cerebellar lesions in children and adolescents.

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The current FWO-research project, consisting of a neurolinguistic and neuropsychological research topic was
subdivided in to 2 PhD grants via external funding and support of the OZR. This application concerns a
predoctoral position (predoctoral opvangmandaat) for the period after my FWO/OZR-doctoral scholarship in
order to complete my PhD dissertation (date planned for defence: May 2009). Since there was an
unforeseeable lack of paediatric patients, a collaboration was initiated with child neurologist Dr. Catsman-
Berrevoets (Erasmus MC/Sophia Kinderziekenhuis) which started in February 2007. Thanks to this
collaboration I was able to include 30 paediatric patients which will allow me to gather a multitude of new
data and substantial added value of analyses. Furthermore, a second-level interpretation was added
(acoustical analyses) for which I acquired phonetic techniques of analyses in cooperation with Prof. dr.
Verhoeven (City University of London, Universiteit Antwerpen). In addition, an international collaboration
with dr. Visch-Brink (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam) and Prof. dr. Howard (University of Newcastle) was
started to translate and standardize the aphasiatest "Comprehensive Aphasia Test" since the current Dutch
aphasia tests are not sufficiently sensitive to diagnose language disorders in adult patients with acquired
cerebellar lesions. Standardisation is planned in March 2008 after which the clinical utility will be tested in
patients with cerebellar lesions.
Effective start/end date1/01/0930/06/09

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