Changes in the extracellular concentrations of neurotransmitterse in the hippocampus of the rat during bacterial sepsis: a study using microdialysis.

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The pathogenesis of septic encephalopathy remains largly unknown. The aim of the study is to investigate changes in neurotransmitter concentrations in the CA4 region of the hippocampus using a microdialysis technique in freely moving animals during bacterial sepsis. During sepsis the EEG is also analyzed. During general anesthesia a microdialysis probe, an intravenous catheter and epidural EEG electrodes are implnted in a rat. one dzy later during continuous cerebrald microdialysis and EEF registration bacterial sepsis is induced in the experimentakl group by infusing a solution containing Escherichia coli. in the control group a sterile solution is infused. The changes in concentrations of dopamine, glutamate and serotonine are analyzed. the changes of the EEG are discussed. the differences between surviving and non-surviving animals are studied.
Effective start/end date1/01/0131/12/02


  • bacterial sepsis
  • septic encephalopathy
  • neurochemistry
  • in vivo microdialysis

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  • Basic sciences


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