Chemometrics in separation techniques : method development and -optimisation; extraction of information

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    In the pharmaceutical and biomedicao analysis one observes the tendency to develop miniaturized methods on the one hand and fast ones on the other. This project includes research in both areas. The miniaturized techniques used are capillary electrophoresis (CE) and capillary electrochromatography (CEC). Our research in this domain is mainly focussed on the development strategies that allow a fast screening for the enantioselectivity of chiral molecules. Where earlier screening strategies, based on minimal experimental designs, in CE and HPLC were formulated, we now are trying to develop analoguous strategies in CEC. In the development and optimization of fast chromatographic methods our research is situated in two areas. First we are studying the selection of orthogonal chromatographic systems, which could be used as starting conditions for the development of methods to separate a drug substance from its impurities. Secondly ultra-fast methods on monolithic columns are developed. Orthogonal systems are systems with a different selectivity. The definition of a set of such systems should allow on the one hand to get an idea about the number of impurities in a mixture and, on the other which system would be most suitable to continu working on in order to optimise a mehod. In the development of the ultra-fast methods we again have two main goals, being firstly an extreme reduction in the analysis time of existing methods (e.g. reduction of analyses times from 60 to 2 min) and secondly the prediction of given sample properties by means of chemometric techniques. Properties that could be predicted are for instance the antioxidative properties of tea, coffee, wine or plant extracts. These predictions should be made from chromatograms which were that short that one is dealing with very incomplete separations.
    Effective start/end date1/01/0331/12/05


    • chemometrics
    • method development
    • analytical chemistry
    • biomedical analysis
    • pharmaceutical analysis

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    • (Bio)chemical engineering
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