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Climate change is one of the most critical issues to tackle today as it is foreseen to have detrimental social, environmental and economic
impacts in the near future. The last climate change events, such as flooding in Germany and Belgium in both Continental and Atlantic
regions, heat waves and lack of water in both Mediterranean and Boreal regions, show that the policymakers, experts and stakeholders'
actions are not enough, and a 360º citizens engagement is urgently needed. Therefore, we need to learn from the good experience in
citizens' engagement in climate change action and build up citizens` supporting infrastructure for climate adaptation measures to help the
150 European regions and local communities to resist. Climate assemblies and Living labs are considered as sustainable and reasonable
tools to stimulate deliberative democracy in climate policymaking. The ambition of the current project is to support a transformation
to climate resilience by offering an innovative problem-oriented climate adoption Toolbox, co-designed together with stakeholders by
applying a values-based approach, design thinking methods and citizen science mechanisms. It is expected that the use of the Toolbox will
anticipate possible tensions, points of controversy and dilemmas vis-a-vis the adaptation to resilience - therefore enabling empowerment
and engagement strategies that produce a society "resilient by design". In addition, CLIMAS will include the empirical component for
testing this Toolbox and formulating scientific-based guidelines for policymakers on how to shift Climate Assemblies from technically
based deliberations that belong to climate change experts to multi-stakeholders deliberations based on solving the dilemmas from a
bottom-up, more societal and value-based perspective..
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/25


  • Participatory Innovation
  • Climate

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