Co-utilisation of biomassa and natural gas in gasturbines through primary steam reforming of methane.

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Co-utilisation of biomass and natural gas in gas turbines through primary steam reforming of methane is an alternative route to produce electricity by use of biomass. The energy of biomass is used to partially reform natural gas into hydrogen. As result, part of the natural gas fuel can be replaced by biomass while keeping the biomass combustion gases separated from the internal gas turbine parts. There is already a process layout for the co-utilization of biomass and natural gas, but practical realisation still needs much preparatory research. The goal of this PhD research is to perform the required research at component level, to prove the feasibility through a lab scale pilot plant and to validate the modelling work done before. The separate components are available for experiment work in different laboratories in Brussels, (VUB), Lund (Sweden) and Milano (Italy). The ultimate goal is to assemble the different components at the VUB to provide a full lab scale demonstration of the concept.
Effective start/end date1/10/1030/09/14

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