Cofinancing OZR FWO Hercules MZW equipment: GHz-THz VNA measurement infrastructure: from benchtop to portable instruments serving advanced sensor solutions in a variety of multi-disciplinary application domains.

Project Details


An essential measurement instrument for R&D activities in the frequency range from 10 GHz – 750 GHz of the electromagnetic spectrum, a subdision of the loosely defined THz spectrum, is the so-called vector network analyzer (VNA), which allows to characterize devices and materials by measuring vector-based reflection and transmission coefficient of waves incident on the structure under test. In this project two new state-of-the-art VNAs, a table top and a portable version, each of them offering orders of magnitude progress in performance with respect to the actual 12-year old VNA available @ ETRO-VUB. The equipment will be directly contribute to the scientific progress in a multitude of disciplines: i) THz technology domain: novel device platform based on graphene devices, advanced sensor configurations, powerful algorithms for the extraction of material properties; ii) in textile reinforced composite material engineering, iii) in the domain of microfluidic systems: porosity engineering and pharmaceutical separation techniques; iv) in fundamental material sciences, related to phase transitions and crystallization of (bio)materials, the different states and behavior of water in these materials, but also to v) novel insights in DNA-protein interaction mechanisms as well as the fundamental interaction mechanisms of (sub-)THz waves with cellular organisms. It will leverage the position of VUB as a center of excellence in THz science in multidisciplinary domains.
Effective start/end date1/05/1830/04/23


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