Community-based evolution of Knowledge-intensive Systems (ComBEK)

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COMBEK envisions a fundamental scientific and technological basis that is sufficiently sound to engender an
increase in scale and maturity of communal knowledge sharing, achieved through collaboration and integration within and between different and diverse communties. This basis is essential for understanding
and realising following clear long-term challenges in ICT, in future research programmes. Therefore, ComBEK
addresses the current issues, leads the way for the next generation, and advances the current state of the
art and practice.
ComBEK will address the need for a research effort that studies and embraces the novel, difficult but crucial
issues of adaptation of knowledge resources to their respective user communities, and vice versa, as a
fundamental property within knowledge-intensive internet systems. Through a deep understanding of real-time, community-driven evolution of so-called ontologies, a knowledge-intensive system can be made
operationally relevant and sustainable over longer periods of time.
ComBEK leads the way for a next generation of knowledge-intensive systems by developing proofs-of-
concept for radically new approaches in knowledge evolution.
ComBEK advances the current state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice in a more than merely incremental
manner. It wants to prepare for transcending the current narrow "ontology engineering" view on the change, management of knowledge structures at the heart of most of today's knowledge-intensive systems by taking
"radical inter-disciplinary explorations" of new and alternative approaches. It considers (professional, goal-
driven) communities of stakeholders as an inherent factor in the continuous evolution of the knowledgeintensive
system they use for their collaboration. Consequently, COMBEK advances research on a much
broader spectrum of needs, opportunities, and solutions, achieved by a collaboration of experts in different
Effective start/end date1/10/083/09/09

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