Compliance checking in object-oriented systems

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Being able to reuse or iterative develop components of a software system is a major concern in modern software development. Current day methodologies and tools provide insufficient support for systematic reuse and iterative development. Although the object-oriented programming paradigm clearly facilitates software reusabilty, many technical problems when dealing with adaptable, reusable and evolving software still remain. One of the major obstacles to succesful reusability is the problem of change propagation. Modifying one system part often requires other parts that depend on it to be changed as well. In this way, a simple modification of one part may lead to an uncontrollable propagation of changes throughout the entire system. Compliance checking mechanisms are needed to verify the consistency of modified or newly added compnents with existing comonents in the system. The goal of this project is to give the industrial partner a competitive head start in mastering and applying reuse techniques on software components and tracking their evolution and impact on other components. The technology to be developed for this problem will be based on the academic partner's advanced research expertise in the domain. This project will allow the academic partner to validate its current research results in practice by incorporating them into an existing software development methodology (development by the industrial partner) and to extend and generalise its research ideas to the entire software development life-cycle. The project will provide the industrial partner the status of competence centre in object-oriented reuse technology and iterative development.
Effective start/end date1/01/9931/12/00

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  • Mathematical sciences


  • software reuse
  • compliance checking
  • object-oriented softre development