Concept-development-execution: an analysis of the Flemish paintings 16/17th century.

  • Van De Velde, Carl, (Administrative Promotor)

Project Details


This study attemps to achieye a better insight in specific historical circumstances accompanying the creation of works of art, by documenting the creative process from written sources as well as from an analysis of the actual objects. Three different topics can be distinguished, which will be studied by three different teams. The V.U. Brussels (C. Van de Velde) will investigate elements in the culture of the period which condition the ways an artist intends his art: the interaction between the commissioner and the artist as well as the role played by the free market. The R.U.Ghent (A. BALIS) will concentrate on the preLiminary stages in the creative process, going from rough sketch, over study drawings to modello. The K.U. Leuven (H. Vlieghe) will study the various instances of collaboration and studio participation in the final product, i.e. the actual painting.
Effective start/end date1/01/9231/12/97

Flemish discipline codes

  • History and archaeology


  • archaelogy