Conceptualizing hybrid-fiction, the emerging genre in migration narratives

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Migration is amongst the most emotive themes in today's societies. It has become the hub of people's worries and fears, and mass media have often echoed such feelings.
New ways of reporting this compelling subject can tell a different story, drawing attention to the political, economic, and social magnitude of migration while, simultaneously, reaffirming the humanity of migrants. Media and migration research has, up to now, exclusively considered cinema,documentary, traditional news, and data-visualization as separate genres.

Consequently, powerful and original productions on migration have gone unnoticed due to their intrinsic nature of hybrid objects. With the use of a multi-method approach to the data analysis, combining mainly multimodal and critical discourse analysis, I will empirically and conceptually capture this emerging phenomenon, giving an account of a new, hybrid genre that develops in media and migration, evolving from a blend of fiction with journalism, documentary, or data-visualization. Within the overarching research framework of grounded theory, I will outline a new narrative genre, with its main structural features, its formal and stylistic traits.
The hybrid genre that this risearch puts on the map has a clear potential to be employed to describe urgent themes that, like migration, have both strong human and political-geographical components such as climate change and growing global inequalities
Effective start/end date1/11/2031/10/22

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  • Media and communication theory
  • Cultural media
  • Media discourse reception