Connect 2020: EUREKA : Is a transforming media sector still capable of contributing to a shared European political, cultural and social space?

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Ever since the creation of the EU, there is a question of how to reconcile the importance of local media markets that provide services close to domestic audiences on the one hand and the need for exchange of ideas across national borders, the emergence of European spaces, etc. At some moment in time, the belief was that ‘European’ media could contribute to that. That resulted in initiatives such as Eureka and also Arte. Heavily criticized, and trial and error to some extent. The Television Without Frontiers directive (1989) aimed to stimulate content traveling across borders. That has shown to be successful to some extent. Today there is a renewed attention for Europeanization in the media sector to which the H2020-project EUREKA aims to contribute. We propose to focus on two specific domains:-Audiovisual fiction & documentary – more European and even international with Netflix -Journalism and news media (press, social media, broadcasters, …) – news still organized quite locally – but distribution & aggregation more international with an increasing focus on personalisation.
Effective start/end date13/01/2012/03/20

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  • Cultural media