Construction of an adaptive multiresolution dictionary for sparse representations.

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Driven by advances in the field of acquisition technology and image processing during the last decade applications tend to use more high resolution data. The features, patterns or structures of interest are "hidden" in these enormous volumes of data. When the data contains many instances of objects of similar nature, they can often be represented succinctly by using a customized dictionary, which has to be learned from the data. The customization happens by selecting existing building blocks that reflect the geometrical nature of the content, and combining them appropriately into specially adapted atoms. We propose a multiresolution approach to the learning of these atoms, with coarse, large atoms being learned first, followed by gradually finer scale atoms. We expect this to be more efficient than fixed-size-atom dictionaries. In addition, the tree structure obtained in the process of building the multiresolution dictionary already characterizes the data to some extent, and we will study how this structure relates to or changes with the data. As a case study for this approach we will analyze high resolution and multimodal representations of paintings of our cultural heritage.
Effective start/end date1/10/1030/09/14


  • Low Power Cmos
  • Numerical Linear Algebra
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Image Reconstruction
  • Embedded System Design
  • Displays
  • Audio Processing
  • Light Detectors
  • Micro-Electronics Technology
  • Sige Bicmos Design
  • Satellite Image Analysis
  • Medical Image Analysis
  • Inverse Problems
  • Telemedicine
  • JPEGx
  • Video Compression
  • Neural Networks
  • Mine Detection
  • Vision
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Electronic System Design
  • Machine Vision
  • Micro Electronics
  • Chip Interconnects (Inter / Intra)
  • Cmos Design
  • Humanitarian Demining
  • Speech Processing
  • Mpegx
  • Light Emitters
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Mm-Wave Technology
  • Robot Vision
  • Impedance Tomography
  • Image Compression
  • Light Modulators
  • Medical Image Visualization
  • Opto-Electronics
  • Motion Estimation And Tracking
  • Computer Aided Electronic Design
  • Multispectral Image Analysis
  • Electronics
  • Computer Vision
  • Image Processing
  • Industrial Visual Inspection
  • Image Analysis

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • (Bio)medical engineering
  • Mathematical sciences and statistics
  • Electrical and electronic engineering


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