Context-oriented Programming

  • D'Hondt, Theo (Administrative Promotor)
  • Van Marcke, Kris (Industrial Promotor)

Project Details


During the past decade, it has become obvious in a growing number of software deployment scenarios that malleability of software is seriously lacking. More and more, one can notice the necessity to write code whose meaning is not fully determined by itself and its constituents, but partially depends on the context in which it is deployed.

The goal of this project is to develop and establish a notion of Context-oriented Programming that goes beyond traditional programming paradigms. What is needed is a high degree of adaptivitiy and/or adaptability, and there is already a tradition of research in several fields of computer science that partially cover these notions. However, this proposal does not focus on domain-specific solutions, but rather on the development of a programming paradigm and supporting general-purpose programming language constructs and techniques that improve the maintainability, robustness and reusability of software that must fit in highly dynamic environments. In this way, we will provide a wide range of communities the means to focus on the desired behavior and to correctly express context-dependent notions in a concise and convenient way, without being distracted by unsuitable language constructs.
Effective start/end date1/10/0531/03/08


  • dynamic scoping
  • informatics
  • object-oriented programming
  • crosscutting concerns
  • layers
  • context awareness

Flemish discipline codes

  • Mathematical sciences