Countering socio-economic segregation and promoting free school choice: an exploratory study by simulations based on school preferences

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As pupil enrolment is carried out through a centralised enrolment system (cf. d'Andrimont, Roland, Vandenbroucke, Hemmerechts, Kavadias & Vaesen, 2018), the Brussels LOP has an interesting administrative dataset at its disposal which allows simulations of the effects of many different allocation algorithms. interesting administrative dataset which allows simulations to be carried out on the effects of many different allocation algorithms. 1 We propose four groups of simulations that together allow a broad exploration of the effects of different allocation scenarios on socio-ethnic segregation on the one hand and the respect for free school choice on the other. In a first group of simulations, we vary on the one hand the priority percentage Dutch and on the other hand the possible quota (none, single, double). For each of these combinations, we calculate on the one hand the usual segregation measures and on the other hand a set of parameters that shed light on the extent to which the free choice of school is realized for as many parents/pupils as possible (% of first choice not received, % of first 2 preferences not received, ...). A second group of simulations deals with the "free to fill in" block of 20%, which may be mentioned in a new enrolment decree. A limited number of scenarios that are not excluded by decree can be simulated. These alternatives are developed in consultation with the client. In a third group of simulations, relatively minor variations on the existing allocation mechanism are simulated, e.g. no longer taking the distance to work into account, etc. A final group of simulations includes more radical changes to the allocation mechanism by incorporating alternative criteria (e.g., loosening the preference-distance hierarchy, a bonus-malus system whereby student-school combinations that reduce school segregation are given greater weight, ...).
Effective start/end date1/12/2028/02/21


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