(COVID-19 PROMPT) Toward PrecisiOn Medicine for the Prediction of Treatment response to Covid-19 in Cuba

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The project aims at improving the quality of the Cuban health system services and population well-being (SGD 3), thru the development of models and tools for the application of personalized medicine. The project aims at the analysis of disease–patient dynamics that updates according to changes in COVID19 patient’s condition, while in hospital, to facilitate patient management and resource allocation. It focuses on (i) the implementation of intelligent software methods for the quantification of pulmonary conditions in chest imaging, and (ii) the implementation of AI-based models for the prediction of COVID-19 disease trajectory combining patient’s health records and chest imaging. The goal is to provide doctors in Cuban public hospitals with a tool that helps them make decisions and allows them to better guide treatments and effectively take advantage of existing resources and technologies to save the lives of a greater number of patients.
Short title or EU acronymCOVID-19 PROMPT
Effective start/end date1/09/2231/08/24


  • COVID-19
  • Medicine
  • Cuba


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