CS ICON Project APAX : Automated Posture Analysis that Scales

Project Details


In the Automated Posture Analysis that Scales (APAX) project, the industry project partners Ceeyu,
Toreon and Awingu have the ambition to apply existing ongoing research and inspire academics for
future works to help automate the analysis of threats and challenges in CyberSecurity by means of the
unique expertise and works from research partners from the Software Languages and Artificial
Intelligence Labs from VUB, together with LSEC. The impact of the ongoing digitalization and
continuous evolving cloud, internet technologies and applications running on them - new
CyberSecurity challenges appear while many older ones have not yet been resolved. Fundamentally
the goal is to avoid malicious activities to happen and to avoid active business systems and
applications from becoming inaccessible, infringed, unreliable, held hostage or being abused as a
means to trade illicit content. In order to keep up with these challenges and evolutions, CyberSecurity
will need to further evolve from manual labor-intensive approaches to automated prevention,
detection, mitigation, reaction, incident handling, process management, reporting, analysis and
recovery. But this has to happen in close collaboration with the operating instances, supporting the
business, people and processes. Maximizing automation increases the cybersecurity reaction time and
reduces the repetitive work of security experts, allowing them to focus on their expert work.
Automated Posture from the APAX-project increases the efficiency of CyberSecurity experts such as
Toreon, further enhances the Posture product offering of Ceeyu’s Cyber intelligence and continuously
improves the cybersecurity of the Awingu remote office offering.
Effective start/end date1/03/2229/02/24


  • cybersecurity
  • security assessments

Flemish discipline codes

  • Software engineering