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Since 2015, Tripled has had the budget allocated to the science promotion. many new initiatives saw the light of day and existing initiatives were strengthened. In 2018, the first edition of the 'I Love Science Festival' took place, and it was an immediate success with more than 20,000 visitors. Bringing science and innovation to the general public has become an important mission of Innoviris, with actions that have an increasing reach. with its large number of researchers, colleges and universities, the Brussels Region is a real hub for research and innovation. Unfortunately, this is still too little visible in the media. Articles about Brussels research appear sporadically in the press, but a very large pool of newsworthy discoveries and do not reach the general public. This is because there is no Brussels portal where all the newsworthiness is collected and then disseminated to the mainstream media and the general public. Innoviris has been financing the scientific news site Daily Science for several years, but it is monolingual French and is aimed at a French-speaking audience. Moreover, the site does not by definition deal with Brussels news. Because there is a great need for multilingual news about Brussels science facts in order to better put Brussels on the map as a scientific Pool of Excellence, the initiator of Daily Science, Christian De Brulle, is now coming together with experienced science journalist Frans Steenhoudt with a new concept, multilingual. and specifically aimed at burning Brussels as an innovative science hub: (DSB)
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