Deconstruct the city, Create the city - I love science Festival 2019 (ILSF)

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The project introduces children, teenagers and adults to the architecture and structure of the city they live, study and work in through a mutimedial, creative and interactive exhibition. But what makes the city, and the buildings it is composed of, so smart and unique?
To discover this, we need to deconstruct the city. Every city consists of various building blocks and levels, ranging from neighbourhoods, buildings, public spaces and general infrastructure to small-scale building elements and parts. By recognising and distinguishing these building blocks we can unveil how many different elements you require to create a city. The massive architectural richness of a city and its buildings can thus be seen as a puzzle with infinite solutions. Can you recognise this puzzle in your street, house and school? And what is the outcome if you re-create this puzzle in a different way, by (re)using elements in a different configuration?
Through this interactive and attractive exhibition, visitors are made conscious of various relevant and innovative policy topics related to the build environment such as sustainability, efficient use of materials, reuse, recycling and architectural heritage. Innovative concepts such as form active structures, modularity and parametric design are illustrated through a wide variety of infographics, scale models, DIY building packages, workshops and interactive digital setups.
Effective start/end date1/01/1930/04/19


  • Brussels

Flemish discipline codes 2018-2023

  • Architectural sciences and technology
  • Sustainable buildings and cities
  • Structural design
  • CAAD and digital architecture
  • Built heritage and renovation
  • Sustainable building
  • Construction materials technology


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