Dendritic cell immunobiology and dentritic cell-based immunotherapy of HIV and cancer.

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The aim of the present project is to combine fundamental insights into the immunobiology of dentritic cells and the development of an optimized dendritic cell-based vaccine for anti-cancer and anti-HIV immunotherapies.

Hereto we will:

- Develop the tools to study the immunobiology of mouse and human dendritic cells and to evaluate the immune responses.
- Optimize the use of dendritic cells to induce cellular immune responses by developing strategies to optimize the expression of the entire antigenic polypeptides and the presentation of multiple HLA class I and class II epitopes.
- Further evaluate and extend ongoing phase I-II pilot studies to assess the safety and toxicity of dendritic cell-based vaccination in melanoma patients.
- Develop dendritic cell-based therapeutic vaccination pilot studies in HIV-1 infected individuals
Effective start/end date1/01/0431/12/08


  • medicine

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  • Basic sciences