Design methodologies and techniques for the construction of knowledge management environment.

Project Details


The project coverss applied research on methodologies and techniques applicable to make knowledge that is available in a company under different formats, more accessible for the management, and other users. In particular we will investigate the methodologies that can be used for the design and implementation of a 'knowledge portal'. We have to design a "knowledge architecture' that supports access to knowledge contained in classical formats like document management systems, database schema's or workflow systems. the aim is to build a usable system of knowledge cartographie in which the retrieval of available knowledge becomes feasable for the user. Focus should go to differetn partial aspects like: - technical and ergonomical aspeceets of a knowledge portal - the application of intelligent agents for the implementation of user profiles in order the make retrieval more efficient - the connection with external information systems including e-commerce systems. - optimization of search engines - applicability of data mining - techniques of 'in text retrieval - the optimal usage of WEB-technology. to test the system we planned to use the university as a prototype for the setup of a knowledge environment.
Effective start/end date1/01/0131/12/02


  • management information systems
  • e-commerce
  • knowledge management
  • business organization

Flemish discipline codes

  • Mathematical sciences
  • Economics and business