Development and evaluation of prevention programs for educational and family support of early adolescent substance use.

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Since 1994 the department ONLE has build its expertise concerning adolescent substance use registration. This data laid the foundation of specific adolescent prevention interventions. Gradual our focus was pointed at the parental influences on adolescent substance use. The aim for prevention programs of adolescent substance use working with parents and adolescents is international based. This research wants to detect the parameters for a parenting prevention program. The research concerns four stages. In the first stage based on literature study and secondary analysis of the epidemiological data a conceptual framework will be discussed with the prevention workers. In the second stage a Delphi survey will be conducted to find the characteristics of a successful prevention program. In the third stage the parenting program will be set up in cooperation with prevention services for substance use. Parallel to this program a Solomon Four Group Multivariate Repeated Measures design will search for the effectiveness of the prevention program.
Effective start/end date1/01/0231/12/05


  • Family Support
  • Epidemiology
  • Substance Use
  • prevention
  • Adolescence Psychology
  • Risk Behaviour

Flemish discipline codes

  • Psychology and cognitive sciences
  • Pedagogical and educational sciences
  • Law and legal studies