Development, implementation and evaluation of the Nursing home Care Programme for sthe Last days of Life.

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The End-of-Life Care Research Group has gained extensive experience in research dissemination to expert and non-expert audiences through previous and current national and international research projects such as FLIECE and INTEGRATE (IWT-SBO funded) and PACE (EU FP7 project, coordinated by Prof. Van den Block). For these projects, we have worked with a stakeholder committee for over twelve years now. Today, the stakeholder committee consists of 36 relevant organisations such as the different umbrella organisations (‘koepels’) responsible for nursing homes in Flanders, NVKVV, Academic centers of g eneral practice, Vlaamse Ouderenraad, Federation Palliative Care Flanders, the Palliative Care Networks, and the Flemish Agency for Care and Health. In th is project, we will collaborate intensively with members of this stakeholder committee and involve them in all stages of the project. If the Care Programme shows to be implementable in nursing homes and is effective, we will together with the members of the stakeholder committee develop a specific dissemination and implementation plan(deliverable 6) to facilitate the dissemination to and use of the results in practice. The Care Programme will also be disseminated via, via the umbrella organisations of nursing homes in Flanders ( Zorgnet-Icuro, VLOZO, and VVSG), and Domus Medica and we will find active support of to the Flemish Agency for Care and Health for wider implementation after the study. Next to the development of a specific dissemination and implementation plan, we will make use of a more general dissemination strategy consisting of regular newsletters, a website, social media, press releases, and the organization of conferences and seminars. At the end of the project, we will organize a public event for nursing home managers, practitioners and policy makers to reveal the study results and disseminate information about the Care Programme to the nursing home sector in Flanders.
Effective start/end date1/11/1930/09/27


  • end-of-life care

Flemish discipline codes in use since 2023

  • Palliative care and end-of-life care


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