Development of a contextual theory for concepts.

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Our aim is to develop and test a formalism for the description of concepts that takes into account their contextual nature. The objectives are to adapt the mathematical lattice theoretic formalism (originally developed for generalized quantum mechanics to describe contextual interactions in the microworld) to develop a formal description of the contextual manner in which concepts are evoked and used to generate meaning; to compare the performance of this contextualized theory of concepts with prototype and examplar theories, using previous data sets for typicality ratings, latency of category decision, exemplar generation frequencies, category naming frequencies on both single concepts and conjunctions of concepts; to investigate the performance of the contextualized theory of concepts on a new data set for highly contextual situations wherein the same concept is a constituent of different conjunctions.
Effective start/end date1/01/0231/12/05

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  • Philosophy, ethics and religious studies
  • Biological sciences


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