Development of a lab-on-a-chip system for on-line electro-optical monitoring of electroporation of archaeal cells

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This project aims to develop a microfluidic platform for electroporation of archaeal cells, as well as its on-line monitoring. Archaeal cells are novel host organisms, which grow in conditions that are more compatible with harsh industrial conditions. They provide important information on the
development of cost-efficient industrial-scale biomanufacturing techniques. The proposed system will overcome a major bottleneck in translating synthetic biology engineering that most of these microorganisms are considered difficult-to-transform and genetically intractable thereby making their biological engineering very slow and laborious. The system composed of two individual units.
First one is the electroporation unit, which contains co-planar 3-D electrodes placed at the sides of the microchannels. Cells are passed through the microchannel while exerted to high electric fields, which create pores on the membrane and cause DNA release and uptake, enabling downstream genetic analysis. The second part is the electro-optical monitoring units, which are placed upstream and downstream of the electroporation zone for on-line orthogonal electro-optical monitoring of electroporation on a single cell level in a continuous flow setting. Determining the cell properties before and after electroporation, i.e. content retrieval on infusion, reveals the mechanism of the
process, enabling the characterization of archaeal cells and understanding their behaviour in a controlled environment.
Short titleFWO Research Grant
Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/18

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