Development of an Environmental Rating Tool (Ecoscore) for Application in Policy measures

  • Van Mierlo, Joeri (Co-Promotor)
  • Timmermans, Jean-Marc Paul, (Collaborator)
  • Maggetto, Gaston, (Administrative Promotor)

Project Details


In this project a transparent and univocal methodology is developed, allowing comparing the environmental impact of battery, hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles with diesel, petrol, bio-fuels, LPG and CNG vehicles. Three impact categories (global warming, air quality and noise pollution) are considered and combined into a single indicator. Not only passenger vehicles can be assessed, but also a model for ‘Heavy Duty’ and ‘Two-Wheelers’ has been elaborated. The methodology will be used by the Flemish government to deploy policies to stimulate clean vehicle technologies. Several ratings will be discussed and a sensitivity analysis will clearly demonstrate the robustness of the environmental rating tool.
Effective start/end date1/07/0328/02/05


  • voertuigen
  • Ecoscore
  • emissies
  • alternatieve brandstoffen
  • well-to-wheel
  • milieurating
  • alternatieve aandrijvingen

Flemish discipline codes

  • Mechanical and manufacturing engineering
  • Civil and building engineering