Development of an instrument to evaluate the process quality of physical education in Flemisch secondary schools.

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This research project is the final phase of a larger study regarding the quality of physical education in Flemisch secondary schools. During the last decade the concept of quality care has captured a central position within the educational policy of the Flemisch Government. As a consequence, the increase of quality awareness and the implementation of different structural initiatives to monitor quality care are considered to be of utmost importance to ensure the future of physical education within the school curriculum.
The principal aim of this study is the finishing of a course specific quality evaluation instrument that based on objective indicators (1) analyses the quality of school physical education, (2) introduces in a challenging way the basic principles of integral quality care and (3) increases the quality awareness within the school subject. the present study consists of three phases: (1) reliability analysis of the course-specific quelity evaluation instrument, (2) evaluation of the usefulness, user-friendliness ans surplus value of the instrument for school physical education and (3) evaluation of the quality of school physical education within a representative sample of Flemish secondary schools.
Effective start/end date1/01/0731/12/08

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  • Biological sciences