Development of live attenuated Salmonella as antigen delivery system for oral vaccination

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Several recent studies have shown that attenuated Salmonella strains can be used as carriers for the production of recombinant live vaccines, inducing immunity to foreign antigens of different origins. However, the immunogenicity and stability of these vaccine strains needs further improvement. In this project, systems for the regulated expression at the cell surface of the foreign antigens are developed to solve these problems. ... The mucosal surfaces of the intestinal respiratory and urogenital tracts are the site of action or the entry path to the internal tissues for many pathogens. To effectively induce a protective local and systemic immunity, non-parenteral vaccines should be developed for immunization at the mucosal surfaces. Oral immunization with vaccines composed of killed pathogens or submit proteins as antigens generally result in low immune responses, lack of protection and absence of an immune memory. this project aims to contribute to the design of safe and effective non-parenteral live attenuated vaccines. Most of the available information on mucosal and systemicimmune response against foreign antigens was obtained using attentuated Salmonella as a carrier system. Carries vaccines should be safe for the host and the environment, effective and easy to administer. THerefore, bacterial live carriers and epitope presentationsystems will be developed to target the lymphoid tissue of the intestinal tract in order to improve antigen presentation and optimise immunological response. The combined use of live attenuated S. typhimurium strains, as carriers, expressing the E. Coli F17 fimbrae presenting rotavirus epitopes, will be used to induce a local and systemic immune response. The possible development of oral immune tolerance will also be evaluated.Futhermore, the development of a common immune response will be investigated. If such a response is detected, this response will be improved using appropriate and delivery systems.
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