Development of novel anti-inflammatory strains to counterbalance dysbiosis in inflammatory bowel disorders.

  • Raes, Jeroen, (Administrative Promotor)
  • Van Immerseel, F. (Coördinator)
  • Verbeke, K. (Co-Promotor)
  • De Vos, M. (Co-Promotor)
  • Boon, N. (Co-Promotor)
  • Sas, B. (Co-Promotor)

Project Details


The main objective of the current project is the development of a product consisting of anaerobic, butyric acid-producing bacteria of Clostridium cluster IV and XIVa, with application in the treatment of IBD in humans and NE in chickens.
Effective start/end date1/01/1131/12/14


  • Applied Biology
  • dysbiosis

Flemish discipline codes

  • Biological sciences