Does the learning style of students within university education follow the reality? A validation research.

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In this research the relationship between the choice of 'thesis subject approach' on the one hand and the cognitive learning style on the other is investigated.The cognitive styles are measured by the Learning Style inventories developed by Vermunt and Kolb respectively. The questionnaires of Vermunt and Kolb measure metacognitive skills. Since the choice of 'thesis subject approach' is significantly limited by the available offer in each faculty a questionnaire is developed to measure the desired 'thesis subject approach'.By means of a Discriminant Analysis the predictive power of the learning styles in determining the unrestricted choice of thesis subject approach will be investigated.If the learning styles are valid with regard to the 'thesis subject approach' it could have an impact on the ongoing candidature reforms towards the general educational goals of the university.
Effective start/end date1/01/9831/12/99

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