Drawing up a summarizing report on 10 years of research concerning industrial toxicology and occupational medicin performed in the framework of the OSTC programmes.

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The Science Policy Office (SPO), nowadays called OSTC (federal offices for scientific, technical and cultural affairs), started a first research programme concerning environmental hygiene in 1990. At that time, research focussed on human sciences was highly necessary, to be able to anticipate the malfunctioning and the questions that technological mutations and applications evoke in our modern society.
Central in this programme were the study of industrial risk and the study of the influence of environmental factors on human health. Relevant research has since then been better and better programmed and took a new start. Since 1998 2 scientific support programmes were developped for the protection of health of workers. The different projects in those programmes arose from one of the 3 essential pillars of those programmes: (1) industrial and environmental toxicology (a.o. our laboratory), (2) ergonomics, (3) study of psychological and social risks.
The report that had to be drawn up for this OSTC project describes the course of the activities of those projects, and also draws up the balance sheet of the scientific research performed over the last 10 years. It contains a description of the programmes, the scientific activities, and the projects of the last 10 years (56 research projects were funded with a total budget of 833 MBEF).
A proposition of what kind of research would be necessary in the future was also made.
Effective start/end date23/12/0023/03/01

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  • Basic sciences
  • Biological sciences
  • Pharmaceutical sciences


  • industrial and environmental toxicology
  • report on 10 years of OSTC funded resear
  • report on 10 years of research
  • biology