Dynamics of dissipative localized structures in non-linear optical cavities

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Localized structures are spots that appear in chemical reactions, fluids, gas discharges, etc. They also form in nonlinear optical cavities, where they are known as cavity solitons, due to the interplay between diffraction and nonlinear light-matter interaction. Cavity solitons are bistable and can be switched on and off independently at any transverse position of the cavity. Owing to these properties, cavity solitons have been proposed as bits for compact and fast optical memories. This application has especially attracted a lot of attention since these controllable localized light spots have been observed in semiconductor lasers [Barland et al., 2002], a very compact and widespread technology, and proof-of-concept all-optical delay lines have been realized in the lab. Very recently, an all-optical buffer with 45 kbit capacity at 25 Gbit/s has also been experimentally demonstrated using cavity solitons in the temporal domain [Leo et al., 2010]. In the latter context, further advances in fiber resonators have allowed probing parameter regions beyond those accessible in previous experiments, and new oscillatory regimes have been observed [Leo et al., submitted].
The main objective of this project is to perform an in-depth analysis of these new dynamical regimes to unravel their underlying physical mechanisms, and explore the newly accessible parameter regions to guide experiments and search for new useful dynamical regimes for possible all-optical information processing applications. To achieve these objectives we will, on the one hand, work closely with experimentalists to provide them theoretical support and, on the other hand, address fundamental questions related to the nonlinear dynamics of cavity solitons with general applicability to a wide range of complex systems displaying localized structures.
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