EDISA: Empowerment through Digital Inclusion in South Africa (EDISA)

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Digitisation presents unique positive and negatve challenges to marginalised, disadvantaged individuals, groups and communities in South Africa. Innovative digtal public and private services present opportunities for human capacity development, economic growth and social progress.
However, digital exclusion, is not addressed, risks perpetuating historical divides and introducing new shapes of inequality and marginalisation. The EDISA project aims to address these issues by focusing 1) on creating deeper systemic knowledge on mechanisms of digital exclusion in South Africa; 2) on translatng this knowledge into digital inclusion interventions, instruments and recommendations for policy.
Short title or EU acronymEDISA
Effective start/end date15/12/1814/06/22

Flemish discipline codes

  • Information retrieval and web search
  • Human information behaviour
  • Web information systems
  • Telecommunication and remote sensing


  • South Africa
  • digital
  • inclusion
  • empowerment