EEUSUP:Evolutionary epistemology applied to Universal Symbiognesis and Universal Punctuated Equilibrium.

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Evolutionary theory currently extends the biological realm because it is applied to the humanities, leading to new disciplines such as evolutionary archaeology, evolutionary linguistics and evolutionary psychology. These disciplines are characterized by a universal selectionist approach, i.e. mostly the theory of natural selection is applied to study phenomena such as cognition, language and the rise of symbolism. Although natural selection is the hallmark of the Modern Synthesis, a multitude of evolutionary theories are currently under study, the most important ones are symbiogenesis and punctuated equilibrium. It is interesting, from within an evolutionary epistemological approach, to also investigate how the theories of symbiogenesis and punctuated equilibrium can be universalized and applied to deal with linguistic, cognitive and cultural phenomena. Therefore, from an evolutionary epistemological stance, it will be investigated how one can abstract logical skeletons of symbiogenesis and punctuated equilibrium, that can then be applied to language and culture (besides life).
Effective start/end date1/07/0930/06/11

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  • Philosophy, ethics and religious studies