Effects of a vegetarian life-style on health related parameters

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To our knowledge no profound studies have been carried out on a Flemish population collecting data in an objective way permitting the evaluation of the effects of a vegetarian life-style on health related parameters. Even fewer data are available concerning the above mentioned groups with special nutritional requirements such as children and sporting people. A pilot study was carried out in 1995-1996, evaluating vegetarian children, adolescents and young adults (A. De Malsche, Prof. M. Hebbelinck and Dr. P. Clarys). The results of this studie (100 subjects) do not point to substantial discrepancies when comparing our vegetarian group with the mean population. However, the evaluated group is too small to draw conclusions concerning the different aspects of a vegetarian diet. Therefore, an extension of the project is required in order to reach more vegetarians throghout Belgium. As in the pilot study we want to collect (1) general data, (2) data concerning the food intake, (3) anthropometric data, (4) fitness related data and (5) data concerning blood analysis. Collection of these data implicates not only the mailing of a dietary questionnaire but requires equally a visit to the subjects for the determination of anthropometric and fitness related data.
Effective start/end date1/01/9831/12/98

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