Electro-mechanical muscle moddeling in a middle aged population.

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By means of peripheral control of muscle activity, the integreted EMG is particular, one can obtain the quantification of muscular intensity during various efforts. By means of isokinetical dynamometry and the measurement of angular velocities in the human joint one can obtain the quantification of power and work. In combination with gonimetry and anthrometric data this will lead to the description of mechanical energy allowing for the improvement of training and skill motor strategies. The purpose of this investigation is to study the IEMG, the isokinetics (eccentric work in particular) and the kinanthrometry during complex muscular activity pattern in a middle aged population (above 40 y. old) in order to evaluate the neuromuscular and electro-mechanical moddelling of the human muscle in an aging (but healthy) population.
Effective start/end date1/01/9831/12/01

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