Enhancing tumor immunity by intranodal injection of mRNA encoding tumor antigens and activation stimuli.

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Active immunotherapy through vaccination with tumor antigens has gained a lot of interest. Messenger RNA (mRNA) encoding tumor antigens and activation stimuli may represent an important immunogenic reagent for cancer immunotherapy. Recently, intranodal (IN) antigen administration was suggested to be more immunogenic when compared to other vaccination routes. However, IN administration of mRNA has not been investigated thus far. In this project we aspire to develop an of-the-shelf anti-cancer therapeutic, based on the IN delivery of tumor antigen and activation stimuli encoding mRNA. A prerequisite for the success of this strategy is the in situ modification of dendritic cells (DC) and the subsequent induction of strong anti-tumor immune responses, issues that will be addressed in this proposal. Successful completion of the pre-clinical evaluation of this strategy will allow the design of an mRNA-based clinical trial.
Effective start/end date1/01/1131/12/12

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