Environmental pollution by metals: prevention, remediation, valorisation. (Coupled with BRGE27).

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    The main sources responsable for metal pollution in our countries are electrowinning and plating of metals on the one hand, and corrosion of metals on the other. Those processes cause water and soil pollution.
    In this project, the attention will be focussed on the metal copper. The global project (BRGE21 and BRGE27), based on a global approach of the protection of our environment, consists in three complementary parts:
    prevention by acting on the source processes through an optimization of the working conditions (optimization of electrolyses, inhibition of corrosion);
    remediation by developping techniques that allow the elimination of metal ions from soils and aqueous solutions;
    valorisation of the copper recovered from the waste waters by the design of new electrode materials for 'green electrochemistry'.
    This project deals with the aspects of prevention and remediation. The aspect prevention is covered by the study of the role of additives in the proces control, as well for plating as for corrosion, using electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques. The aspect remediation concerns the study of the possibilities of electroreclamation as a technique for the decontamination of soils polluted by copper.

    Effective start/end date12/12/0011/12/01


    • water and soil pollution
    • corrosion
    • copper
    • metallurgy
    • raman spectroscopy
    • plating

    Flemish discipline codes

    • (Bio)chemical engineering
    • Materials engineering
    • Chemical sciences