European news media in a state of flux: innovating by cooperating across borders towards sustainable journalism.

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Against the backdrop of the decades-long financial crisis of the news
media sector, the search for innovative paths has become a priority,
both for media managers as for policy makers. At the EU level, the
recently launched Democracy Action Plan has drawn a link between
achieving democratic goals and addressing the crisis of the news
media, with renewed interest for the innovation of the sector.
Media innovation is the macro topic around which this research
project revolves. While there is an increasing consensus in the media
field that innovation is a priority, there is a (contrasting) lack of
scientific understanding of how to obtain that, both on a theoretical as
on an operational level. Furthermore, the specificity of the European
Union context, with its diverse, yet interconnected, media spheres,
requires an ad hoc investigation of the issue.
Building on the identification of a specific theoretical avenue, suitable
for the current European media sector, this research will build on the
hypothesis that funding for cross-border collaborations between
media organizations is a scalable policy solution to foster innovation
in the European Media sector.
This hypothesis will be explored through a series of interlocked
research questions addressing a theoretical, a policy and a case
study analysis. As a result, an original impact assessment will be
provided of a selection of public and private funded actions
implemented in Europe to enhance cross-border collaborations.
Effective start/end date1/11/2131/10/23


  • Journalism crisis
  • News media innovation
  • Cross-border journalism

Flemish discipline codes

  • Media and communication policy
  • Journalism studies
  • Digital media
  • Media sociology