European universities network on multilinguism (EUNoM)

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The project studies the issue of linguistic diversity in the context of the Lisbon goals of achieving a competitive, dynamic, knowledge-based economy. Political, economic and social changes call for a new relationship between universities, social actors and linguistic diversity; and HE departments need to overcome compartmentalization, and build a framework drawing on the joint expertise to work towards a truly institutional approach to multilingualism.
The full partners (6 EU universities and a research centre) will foster a societal debate on the implications of multilingualism, with over 20 other associated partners: universities and research centres, business confederations, and pan-European organizations, eg NPLD, AER, LICOM, who will contribute to and disseminate the project results.
EUNoM aims to:
(a) Build the key issues into (i) a framework to allow a reconception of the relationship between higher education, other levels of education and training, society and linguistic diversity, and (ii) a research agenda which can contribute to the EU research priorities;
(c) "Raise awareness of the value and opportunities of the EU's linguistic diversity and encourage the removal of barriers to intercultural dialogue" through guidelines and presentations at the local level;
(d) Devise a model to expand a network of institutions dedicated to the promotion of multilingualism in learning and research settings;
(e) Disseminate the project results to a wider audience across society by electronic publications and presentations;
(f) Ensure the sustainability of the network's activities past the initial co-funding period.
EUNoM's 5 symposia (in 5 EU countries) target specific themes relevant to the European Commission's focus on multilingualism, and highlight cutting-edge research and good practice. The final conference will be held, in Brussels, hopefully under the auspices of at one parliamentary group. The proceedings will be published and disseminated.
Effective start/end date1/11/0931/10/12


  • applied linguistics

Flemish discipline codes 2018-2023

  • Civil and building engineering
  • Languages and literary studies


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