Evaluation of the radiological and economic of the decommissioning particle accelerotors.

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During the last two decades use of practicle accelelerators has considerably developed especially in biomedical applications. By operating the accelerators the concrete shielding and metallic infrastructure components become activated due to thermal neutron irradiation. In order to decrease the high dismantling costs caused by the considerable amounts of low nuclear waste to be disposed of at decommisioning of the accelerator, the extend and nature of his activation has to be clearly quantified. After a complete inventory of all accelerators in the EU which could cause a decommisioning problem, 3 cases for different reference types of accelerators will be studied. (VUB 40 MeV p cyclotron; IRMM Geel 200 MeV electron linac; Saturne Saclay 1,2 GeV proton synchotron). A 3 dimensional mapping of activation in the shielding will be obtained by y-spectrometry of a large number of drill cores at the 3 sites. Estimation of waste volumes and possibly exemption from regulatory controll will be derived by NIRAS/ONDRAF using 3 scenarios based on a score of regulations currently used in the EU including the IAEA-TECDOC 855 (1996). Volume reduction techniques will be stdied by MAN-GHH. Influence of deferred dismantling will be assessed and market trends for future accelerator facilities and its influence on future waste and radioprotection will be discused.
Effective start/end date28/05/9715/01/99

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