Evolution of the amateur theatre in Brussels in the post World War II are and investigatin concerning the eductional and social-political.

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The present proposition claims a double aim. First of all, a survey of the Flemisch amateur theatre in Brussels in the post World War II era will be given. Secondly, an investigation will be done concerning two important tasks of this branche on the field of adult education. One distinct task the amateur theatre accomplishes concerns the educational influence on the personal individual and social being) from the aspect of art education (to let people discover the realm of art). The other task concerns the socio-political sphere, more specific the increase and the preservation of a Flemish identity.
Effective start/end date1/01/0031/12/03


  • Historical adult education
  • political preparetory
  • theory of art
  • political preparetory investigation
  • Theory of art

Flemish discipline codes

  • History and archaeology
  • Pedagogical and educational sciences
  • Sociology and anthropology