Excitation curves for charged particle reactions and application of time of flight measurements for last neutron spectrometry.

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We want to continue our collaboration with the researchers of the Atomki Institute in Debrecen after the formal end of the first phase of the IAEA-CRP and to exploit further our expertise in determination of cross sections of charged particle reactions. We hence plan apart from benchmark irradiations for Al, Ti, Fe, Cu and Ni in alpha, p and d beams also extensionto cross section determinations for gaseous targets. After the publication of the TECDOC we will also perform thick target irradiations (with chemical separation of the reaction products) in order to compare yields with theoretical predictions. In the domain of fast neutron spectrometry we will in the first place eliminate the influence of the pulse width of the primary p-pulse on the neutron energy spectra (Lorentzian filter in the time-energy conversion programs after determination of the time structure of the pulses). A study of the influence of scattered neutrons, the completion of the collimator and the implementation of pulse shape discrimination are planned. The set-up will be used to determine neutron detector efficiency, to measure cross sections of neutron induced reactions on metals and to study the fundamental 9Be (p,x)9*B reaction by making use of the apriori characterised quasi mono-energetic neutron beams.
Effective start/end date1/01/9731/12/02


  • time of flight
  • neutron spectrometry
  • cross-sections

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